Health Benefits of Betel Leaf


Health Benefits of betel leaf, Betel Leaves is also called chewing betel leaves, eating betel leaf and Paan Ka Patta. Betel Leaves is also used for weight loss, hair growth, skin, diabetes, nutritional value and having many Medicinal uses.

Health Benefits of Betel Leaf, The leaves are full of vitamins like vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene and are a great source of calcium.

Tips : 

1. Betel Leaves Relieves Cough
2. Betel Leaves Eases Constipation
3. Treats Headache
4. Analgesic
5. Acne Cure And Other Skin Disorders
6. Stops Earache
7. Vaginal Hygiene
8. Prevents Body Odour
9. Nose Bleed
10. Treatment Of Inflammation
11. Refreshes Breath
12. Betel Leaves Improves Digestion
13. Reduces Gastric Pain
14. Increases Hunger
15. Promotes Oral Health
16. Treats Respiratory Problems
17. Eases Bronchitis
18. Antiseptic Benefits
19. Antifungal Benefits
20. Heals Wounds And Infection
21. Improves Alertness
22. Relief From Back Pain And Muscular Tensions
23. Treats Water Retention And Urination