Home Remedies for White Hair Treatment


1. Amla and Coconut Oil:

Mixing Amla/gooseberry with coconut oil creates an effective treatment for your beard problem.To a small aluminium bowl, add 1 teaspoon of Amla powder.Take 1 tablespoon of oil and blend the two.Heat for 3 minutes and let it cool.Massage the mix on your beard for 5 minutes.Let it dry for the next 15 minutes and wash off with clean water.

2. Coconut oil and curry leaves::

Coconut oil for healthy hair.Take coconut oil in pan and add curry leaves to it.Keep this in medium flame and let it boil until curry leaves turns into black color.Now, filter the oil and make a head massage with warm oil.

3. Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) & Amla (Gooseberry) :

Shikakai & Amla has been used traditionally for hair care by Ayurveda since ancient times. Even Shikakai is known for Hair care. It is the best herbal product and natural shampoo for hair. Also we can say that, it is the effective treatment for gray hair.

Take 12-15 seeds from shikakai fruit pods and make a fine powder to grind them. Soak this powder into a glass of water and also add 3 tablespoon of amla powder, Leave for overnight. Strain and wash your hair with this water. It is a natural shampoo for hair; use it on a regular basis for couple of week to get a long, shiny and black hair.

4. Curry Leaves:

Prepare a paste by mixing butter milk and curry leaves together. This paste is then added to your bath water. Use this water to rinse your hair. Repeat this process twice in a week to see results.